Pedestrial Trail – Tirumala

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Starting Point at Alipiri:

The temple of the Lord of the Seven Hills, Sri Venkateswara, is situated on the Seventh hill, Venkatadri, of the Narayanadri hill range in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh state, India. Customary to the beliefs around, devotees walk up the hill to pray for their wishes. There are two walk ways up the hill, namely, Alipiri and Sri Vari Mettu.

This is the starting point of the walk-way path to the top of the pilgrimage town of Tirumala in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The infamous up-hill ascent walk-way path to the top of the Lord of Seven Hills is highly regarded as a holy trip by the devotees. And this is where it all starts, the Alipiri Sopanamarga (walk way)

There are actually two walk-way paths to the top of the Seven Hills, one from Alipiri and the other called as the Sri Vari Mettu. The one you are viewing right now is the longer and more famous path, one from Alipiri and is 11 kms long.

There is a biometric token facility available to help devotees who walk up the hill for a free darshan. Apart from these facilities, one can even deposit their luggage in here for it to be carried to the hill top, which can be collected by producing the receipt when you reach the top.

Cordinates: 13°38’49.47″N 79°24’18.08″E

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Paadala Mandapam:

The place you are now seeing is Paadala Mandapam, the second place of importance in the up-hill walkway path to the pilgrimage town of Tirumala via Alipiri. Paadala Mandapam is a small temple for the pilgrims and devotees to offer thier prayers to the god before starting their journey up the hill of about 3350 steps.

Very similar paadala mandapam is also being constructed and opened to the public on the up-hill walk way of the Sri Vari Mettu route. Traditionally, the paadala mandapam has been used by the people to offer their prayers before embarking on their journey. Here, huge paadukas offered to the lord by the devotees are displayed.

Coordinates: 13°38’50.40″N 79°24’17.43″E
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Raja Gopuram

The place you are now seeing is Raja Gopuram, the second place of importance in the up-hill walkway path to the pilgrimage town of Tirumala via Alipiri. Paadala Mandapam is a small temple for the pilgrims and devotees to offer their prayers to the god before starting their journey up the hill of about 3350 steps. Coordinates: 13°38’51.48″N 79°24’17.27″E

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Step 1 of Pedestrian Trail

The very first steps into the journey after offering your prayers to the lord. The journey on foot to the top of the seven hills is considered one of the holiest journeys by the devotees. The higher up you go, the more you appreciate the beauty and serenity around the lord of the seven hills.

Coordinates: 13°38’58.96″N 79°24’11.89″E
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Steps to Tirumala

The journey up the hill is a very good experience and is guarded by the TTD well throughout. The infrastructure and conveniences are all in place for the devotees. Amidst the journey, there are stalls, recreative spots, built places to take some rest and the path is almost covered with roof to ditch the sun in a hot summer afternoon.

Coordinates: 13°39’13.00″N 79°24’2.56″E
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Vamana Mandapam

There are many tourists who straight away deny when said that the journey up the hill of Tirumala is just a pure religious experience. There are beautiful view points way up the hill and the dense forest around brings in a true experience of peace and tranquility. Hence, it is not just about the religious experience that one devotee yearns for, it would be a great way to admire the nature around and have some good time. It is always advised to go in groups.

Coordinates: 13°39’13.30″N 79°24’2.59″EMap Link

Gali Gopuram

This place is the infamous Gali Gopuram and is the seventh spot of importance amidst the walk way up the hill to the temple town of Tirumala. This is the place where the devotees can get tokens to the free Divya Darshan that is offered only to the devotees walking up the hill. There are some other temples to drive your religious interest more. Also, there are washrooms and convenient stores to keep your recharged through out your journey up. So, be prepared for a great experience when you plan this trip.

Cordinates: 13°39’20.18″N 79°23’56.27″E
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Food Stalls

After you cross the Gali Gopuram, you will be welcomed to a host of eatery stalls and convenient stores so that you could recharge yourself a bit and keep yourself energetic throughout the rest of your journey. When you go in groups, this journey shall as well be a picnic kind of experience for your team!

Steps Through Forest. One sheltered walk path through the journey!

13°39’23.79″N 79°23’54.09″E
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Sheltered Walk Way to Tirumala

The walk way is amidst the dense forests. Since an average walker could take 4 to 5 hours to walk up, starting at 6 or 7 ‘O clock in the morning would be an ideal time to walk up. You can enjoy the silent nature and different birds cooing to you. In short, one can have a great time!

13°39’35.53″N 79°23’36.87″E
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Deer Park En-Route to Tirumala

One of the most liked attractions through the walk way journey up the hill of the Tirumala forest is the deer park. The Narayanadri forest reserve is a highly protected wild life sanctuary and contains different kinds of wild life existing in it. The deer park is an infamous place of retreat for the devotees walking through the way up hill to the lord of Tirumala. One can feed the deers in the park with carrots. There are vendors who sell stuff that deers would like to eat. If there is a pet lover among your group, then this place would be a great stop for you and your team!

13°39’34.17″N 79°23’26.32″E
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Sri Krishna Mandapam

The Sri Krishna mandapam is the twelfth place of importance on the way up hill. This place is also considered sacred by the devotees. As is visible here, devotees stack stones praying for their wishes to come true. Do take a stop here too!

13°39’34.14″N 79°23’20.31″E
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Hanuman on the way to Tirumala

Hanuman is the god of monkeys. He is the resemblance of power and an embodiment of a spirit that is pure and highly faithful. His legend comes in the Ramayana, an epic of ancient Hindus. On the way up hill, you will be greeted by this large statue of Hanuman, probably to remember and inspire the devotee to take up the journey with all strength and might, the virtues that are the sole reason for success and inner peace.

13°39’35.52″N 79°23’2.60″E
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Bio Metric Stamping Point

This place is a very important place, although not in the sacred sense but in a technical aspect. All the devotees who walk up the way to the hill are provided with the privilege of free darshan and a free prashad (The infamous Tirupati Laddu). However, there might be people who stop mid-way and pretend to walk the whole way up. Such ones shall not be spared, just kidding! If you should get a free darshan and a free prashad, then you need your walk to be authenticated and this shall be done here at the Bio-metric stamping point that is visible in this virtual tour.

Your walk from here shall only lead to the hill and you cannot divert your way on to the road henceforth!

13°39’44.57″N 79°22’29.66″E
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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Cross

The last stop on the way up the hill is the place with a temple to say good bye to your beautiful experience. The Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple at this spot is commonly lit up with devotees who offer their last prayers on this journey of 3350 steps up the hill.

13°39’52.71″N 79°21’56.12″E

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