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The idea of travel changes from person to person. While some consider it as a group activity for some entertainment, there are others who consider it as a very personal journey of discovery. All is in the perception. However, as a travel service provider, we have consolidated the tours that we provide in six different categories. We should not say that it took us immense effort because then we’d be lying. All of it just ticked from our personal choices. Tour it Virtually, in all consists of six different categories:

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‘Adventure Spots’ is the page dedicated provide content, virtual reality tours and all information possible about exclusive adventure spots like treks, hiking, biking spots and more. Well, all of this even depends upon you and what you really consider is an adventure spot. Please correct us if we have mistakenly placed any tourist location in this category! Although we now have only very little of these spots, we are in the constant process of expanding our library.

‘Getaways’ is a very broad category in the sense that it covers variegated tourist spots. Very actually, a getaway can be anything, be it an adventure spot or any of the above mentioned category. In the true literal sense, a getaway is a place where you want to truly get away and have some time for yourself. However, for more ease for different kinds of people, this category has been included and tourist locations like romantic travel destinations, weekend getaways shall be covered here. We have by now covered some of the most awesome tourist locations in India and some of the most popular weekend getaways in Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh.

‘Heritage Sites’ is a very popular and categorically accepted portfolio. Heritage Sites are the places, ancient historic constructions of architectural, religious, cultural or traditional importance present in India and abroad. Such constructions which are under the surveillance of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and respective State Archaeological Survey Boards shall be covered by Tour it Virtually in this category. This is to stress on our responsibility to preserve and passing the history that stood the test of time on to the future.

The category of ‘Pilgrimages’ is very common and covers places that are usually considered completely religious in general opinion. The places where people usually visit to have a complete religious experience shall be recognized and covered under the Pilgrimages section of the Tour it Virtually page.

‘Places of Worship’ is a slightly offbeat category that we have presented here. While we were working on the pilgrimages category, we observed that many of the temples and other common places of worship do not hold the characteristics of a pilgrimage, as a whole. Hence, we have created this special category where in one can find exclusive places of worship, or of religious importance.

‘Unexplored Exotics’ is one of the dearest category at Tour it Virtually. Here, our teams out in a constant effort to bring to you the places or travel destinations that are either completely dormant, or inaccessible to the general public, or virgin tourist spots that yearn to be discovered. Although, we are not yet resourceful to conduct tours and provide itinerary support, we hope for all of it in the future.

So, have a mesmerizing view of the top travel destinations and know your journey before you go!



  • heritage Agra Fort
  • piligrimage Ajanta Valley
  • piligrimage Bhongiri Fort
  • piligrimage Chandragiri
  • piligrimage Golconda Fort
  • piligrimage Pancha Mathalu
  • piligrimage Taj Mahal
  • gandikota Gandikota fort
  • Konda reddy buruju Kondareddy Buruju
  • Siddavatam Siddavatam Fort
  • Rachakonda Fort Rachakonda Fort
  • Chandragadh Fort Chandragadh Fort


  • adventure Srisailam
  • adventure Tirumala
  • pilgrimage Ahobilam
  • pilgrimage Tirupati
  • pilgrimage Nagulapuram
  • pilgrimage Nandaluru
  • pilgrimage Kodanda Ramalayam
  • pilgrimage Uma Maheswaram
  • pilgrimage Mahanandi
  • pilgrimages Bhargava Narasimha
  • pilgrimages Chatravata Narasimha
  • pilgrimages Yogananda Narasimha
  • pilgrimage Vontimitta
  • Karanja Narashimha Karanja Narasimha
  • pilgrimage Yaganti
  • pilgrimage Vasanta Mandapam, Tirumala
  • pilgrimage Govinda Raja Swami Temple
  • pilgrimage Padmavathi Temple
  • pilgrimage Kalyana Venkateswara Swami
  • pilgrimage Srivari Padalu, Tirumala


  • adventure Belum Caves
  • adventure Orvakal Rock Garden
  • adventure Tirumala Valley
  • adventure Pavana Narasimha
  • Prahlada Badi Prahlada Badi
  • Varaha Narasimha Varaha Narasimha
  • Malola Narashimha Malola Narasimha
  • Jwala Narashimha Jwala Narasimha

Get Aways

  • adventure Forest Way-Achampet
  • adventure Farhabad Forest
  • Get AwaysShimla
  • Get AwaysChakra Teertham
  • Get AwaysJapali Theertham
  • Get AwaysSrisailam Getaways
  • Get AwaysSiddiramappa Valley
  • Get AwaysPilla Marri
  • Get AwaysPhala Dhara – Pancha Dhara
  • Get AwaysAkka Mahadevi Caves
  • Get AwaysSrisailam Ropeway
  • Get AwaysShilathoranam

Unexplored Exotics

  • adventure Bheemuni Kolanu
  • adventure Mallela Teertham
  • adventure Old Papanasanam
  • adventure Talakona Waterfalls

Places of Worship

  • adventureAnanda Buddha Vihara

Forest Way – Achampet