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The small shrine, situated in a cave on the hill, is in between Ugra Sthambham and the Upper Ahobilam. It is dedicated to Prahlada Narashimha Swamy. The Idol of the Prahlada is carved in a small cave.

This cave is behind the Malola Narasimha Temple in Upper Ahobilam. It is a 0.4 km walk from Malola Narasimha temple through the forest and the narrow path of the cliff. There is a cavern in this cave. When demons threw Prahlada from the cliff, Prahlada fell through this cavern of the rock and was held by Lord Narayana. Around this cave, young Prahlada wrote ‘om namo narayana’ and ‘om namo bhagavate vasudevaya’ on the rocks. Devotees can still those transcendental letters.

One can also have darshan of Sri Yoga Narasimha, Sri Sudarshana and Sri Narayana Murthy in this cave.

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