Bathing Ghats – Srisailam

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Besides the famous Puskar Ghats at Patala Ganga, Bathing Ghats were built by the Devasthanam near the Puskirini for the convienence of the visiting Pilgrims.
Around 852 steps from the Hanuman Temple need to be trekked down to reach Pathala Ganga. A rope way is being operated from Patalaganga Guest House for the convienence of the Pilgrims to reach Pathala Ganga. Taking the rope way is unique experience with breathtaking views of the backwaters of Srisailam Dam and the surrounding hills.
Paatala Ganga Bathing Ghats is the place where devotees can have a holy dip in the river Krishna. Steps and iron chains are provided for the devotees to hold onto to protect themselves from the strong currents of the river. From this place you can see the huge expanse of the river and the magnificent mountain spread with the lush green Nallamalla Forest.