Japali Teertham – Tirumala

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About the place

Japali theertham is the most widely known holy theertham which is being visited by most pilgrims. The prime attraction here is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman (Anjaneya swamy). The Anjaneya swamy temple at Japali Theertham, is one of the least known and most worthy places of visit in Tirumala. Japali Aanjaneeya swamy temple, which is located in Tirumala 7 kms from Sree Venkateswara swamy (Lord Balaji) temple. The spot is on the way to Akasa Ganga from Tirumala. From road we have to walk nearly 1 km inside the forest. Pilgrims visiting Tirumala will never fail to take a bath in this Japali Teertham, as it believed that all their sins and evils will be washed out when they dip in the teertham.



This ancient temple of Lord Hanuman was built in 15th century during Vijaya Raghava Rayalu’s dynasty, and later as most of the temples in India, this was also faced the wrath of the invaders.

This temple was left in dark for so many centuries and the deity was not even offered daily ’Harathi’. The strong belief existing in Hindu hearts that God gets his wishes fulfilled through human beings; was proved once again and the asthikatwa of the people like Karanam Vivekananda Murthy could cross all the hurdles and renovated the Temple in the year 1984.

The temple was restored from dilapidated condition and the deity was being offered with the regular pooja’s from 10th February, 1984(according to Hindu calendar Magha Sudda Dasami).The temple was recognized by the people nearby and regular seva’s were being offered to the presiding deity.
For the last two decades the temple was under financial crunches, and the pooja’s were being performed only on Saturdays for all these days.

Again this time younger generation of the same village have taken the initiative and developed the temple in the year 2008.

Local legends

long long ago there was a brahmin named durachara living on the banks of the river kaveri.he was a drunkard,thief
and a cruel man. there was no sinful deed he omitted to commit. consequently,he lost his brahminism.by coming into his contact his associates also suffered similar fate.durachara was then haunted by a goblin,bhetala.he ran from place to place till at last he reached venkatadri and fell in a theertha called japali theertham.immediately he regained his previous from as a brahmin.though he was freed from bhetala he was not able to recollect all his past.he continued to wander.he met sage japali,who revealed him his prvious life and described the greatness of the japali theertham.

How to reach:

Japali is located on the way to Papavinasanam from Tirumala. APSRTC runs a daily ‘Travel as you like’ bus service from Tirumala to Papavinasanam every 30 minutes, from 05:00 hrs to 19:45 hrs, covering important places on the way like Venugopala Swamy temple, Akasha Ganga and Japali.


One can also reach Japali by your own vehicle or local taxi, but you need to walk 1 km inside the forest.

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