Karanja Narasimha Swami

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Karanja Narasimha

At a distance of 7 Kms from Lower Ahobilam and 1 Km from Upper Ahobilam Temple, situated on ghat road between Upper and Lower Ahobilams, the Karanja Narasimha Temple is named after the tree under which the lord manifested to the present form.

Here, the preseiding deity holds a bow, which is the uniqueness of the form. According to legends, Hanuman has meditated here and when Lord Narasimha shows up on him, Hanuman refuses to recognize his god in any form but Rama. As per the wish of Hanuman, Lord Narasimha expresses himself in Rama’s characteristic weapon, the bow.

The temple set on a picturesque backdrop with Garudathri Mountain and is very pleasing to the eyes. It is located on the banks of Bavanashini River that presents an added beauty to the serenity of the Nallamala forest.

The sannadhi of the Lord Sri Narashima is facing the Bhavanashini River with Garudathri Maountain in the background. Sri Garudalwar is facing the Lord.

Mythologically Karanja Sri Narasimha was worshipped by Sri Kapila Rishi to ward off the curse given by Sri Durvasa Rishi. Sri Narasimha has taken a unique form in this kshetra. The Lord is in Padmasana under a Karanja Vriksha with ‘chatur bhuja’ [four armed]. The Lord is seen with a bow and arrows in His left upper hand, the right upper hand holds ‘Sri Sudarshanam’, lower hands are showing ‘abhaya’ mudra. Lord has ‘tri_nethra’ and Sri Adi Shesha with one head covering the Lord as ‘Chatram’.

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