Kodanda Ramalayam

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Kodanda Ramalayam, Tirupati

Sri Kodandarama Swamy Temple in Tirupati was built by Chola Kings in 10th century AD. This great temple has a history of more than one thousand years. This temple was renovated and well-developed by various kings during 15th century reign of Sri Krishnadevaraya. We can see the symbols and Raja Mudrikas of Vijaya Nagara dynasty here on the rock walls of the outer Mandapas. The temple has a tall and royal compound wall.

History & Significance of the Temple::

According to the TTD inscriptions, the temple was built and the idol of Sri Rama was consecrated and installed in the saka year 1402(1480-81) by Sri Sathakopasadar Narasimha Mudaliyar for the religious merit of Narasimharaya Udaiyar.It is an ancient and historic temple. Kainkaryams are being rendered in this temple as per Vaikhanasa Agama.

As per the temple legend, this temple commemorates the visit of Lord Sri Rama to Tirupati.

How to reach:

The Tem[le is about One km from both Tirupati Railway Station and Bus Station. One can reach here by local or own transport

Where to stay:

TTD administration offers guest houses and chowltries at various budgets and one can find local hotels suiting to budjets & comforts, besides AP Tourism also operates Harita Resorts.