Pancha Mathalu

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Bheema Shankara Matham:

With a 16 Pillar Mukha Mandapa,Lord Siva worshipped as Bheema Sankara at this temple like Math built prior to 1298 A.D


Ghanta Matham:

Built prior to 7th Century, this Matha has undergone many changes subsequently in 1236, 1314 and so on, in the form of additional structures. Ghanta Matha is located at about 100 meters north west to Goddess Bhramaramba Devi Temple


Veebudhi Matham:

Located to the west of the rest of the five holy Mathas of Srisailam, Veebodhi Math is a 16 Pillared Matha built about 1000 years ago. Now almost in shambles, it was constructed for students undergoing Vedic Education in older days


Sarangadhara Matam:

Located a mile from Srisailam main temple, this Matha is supposed to have given eternal bliss through meditation to Saranga Sidhi, a devotee of the Lord Shiva. Later on, it has been considered holy & was home to many such devotees.


Rudraksha Matham:

Located 100 Yards to the Veebudhi Math, this Matha is lika a twin of the Veebudhi Matha. to the left of this Matha’s entrance is a 10 feet Snake Dirthill, in which a 11 feet Snake is believed to live & grant wishes to the devotees.