Paarveta Mantapam – Tirumala

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Gogarbham Reservoir:

This is the beautiful view of the Gogarbham Reservoir seen from the side of Parveta Mandapam. Visible in the far is the dam that is the source of water to the pilgrimage hill of the Lord Venkateswara.


This is the locale surrounding the parveta mandapam area. The Parveta Utsavam takes place in the month of January at the time of Makara Sankranti, the period during which is considered most auspiscious.

Parveta Mandapam is a holy place where Parveta utsavam (festival) is conducted.The infamous `Parinayam (wedding)’ of the Lord with Goda Devi (Andal) is held on this day and for this reason, this place is revered significantly.

The wedding procession is a great experience and is often considered as a ‘pleasure trip’ because of being a forest safari (parveta). The hectic schedule of the day starts with the chief priest of the Pedda Jeeyangar Mutt handing over to the TTD authorities the garland specially brought from the main temple of Andal in Srivilliputtur (Tamil Nadu).

The garland will be taken in a procession around the temple complex before being adorned to the Lord. Malayappa, the processional deity of Lord Venkateswara and the deity of Sri krishna will later be taken in a palanquin to the Parveta mandapam, situated on the outskirts of Tirumala at 1 p.m. for a lively ritual that lasts for four hours.

Normalcy in the temple returns with Adhyayanotsavam, to be performed from 5 p.m. when the prescribed rituals and recital of certain scriptures, suspended for a month due to `Dhanurmasam’, would continue.

The cellar of the Parveta Mandapam:

The cellar region is quite busy during during the Parveta Utsavam period. It is completely a stone structure built in the medieval period.

Parveta Mandapam En-route

The road connecting Gogarbham reservoir and the papanasanam is a beautiful drive amidst nature’s magnificence. There will be local private transport vehicles shuffling between these two place. En-route to Papanasanam from Gogarbham reservoir is the Parveta Mandapam.

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