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Sreevari Mettu Mandapam:

The mandapam you are now seeing bores great significance because of being the place where the lord himself first walked through with his consort.
This mandapam is situated atop the hill at the end of the up-hill pedestrian trail, which is short in distance than the infamous usual walk-way. This place is often referred to as the Sri Vari Mettu (Lord’s Step), the reason being the belief that Lord Venkateswara stepped here first.

13°40’36.15″N 79°20’33.82″E
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Park in front of SV Canteen:

The Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanams (TTD) is one of the world’s most famous organizations that handles magnanimous amounts of work,both in the processes of maintaining the temple as well creating an overall holy experience on the hill pilgrimage. The
Sri Venkateswara Guest houses, under the lord’s name provide subsidized as well as free accommodations. Apart from accommodation, is free lunch three times a day for everyone who wishes to eat there.
There’s always a free lunch, at the Lord’s abode! The one you are seeing right now is the center point of the SV Guest Houses’ complex, which also include the Narayanadri Guest Houses.

13°40’44.19″N 79°20’32.48″E
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Sri Vari Pushkarini:

The pool of water, situated amidst the Lord’s main temple at Tirumala is called Pushkarini. It is used by the people to bathe in before they enter the temple of the Lord for offering their worships. The pool, equipped with a 24×7 continuous water purification system is a great place for the devotees to cleanse themselves.


Harathi is a customary fire torch lighted with camphor and is given as an offering in the process of a prayer, like flowers and other holy offerings. This torch of fire is then felt in prayer by the devotees in any Hindu temple. However, due to the heavy traffic in the Tirumala temple, the devotees sre not allowed to embrace the Harathi right there in the temple.

For this reason, this is the place where the Harathi is offered by the devotees. This harathi is right in front of the Bedi Hanuman Temple situated right across the main entrance of the temple. This is the place where Coconuts are also offered to the lord by devotees visiting Tirumala.

New Papanashanam Showers:

Papavinasanam is a holy place atop the hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara, the Tirumala. It is a holy place dripping with water. Here, is a strong belief in perpetration that one who bathes in these water will be cleansed of all his/her sins. Hence the name for this place, Papa (sins) vinasanam (Destruction) – Destruction of all the sins.

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