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Belum Caves, the second largest stalgamite and stalacite rock formations in the Indian Sub-continent is located in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. Belum Caves have long passages, spacious chambers, fresh water galleries and siphons. It is a natural underground cave formed by the constant flow of underground water. Belum Caves derive their name from “Bilum” Sanskrit word for caves.

The Belum Caves are 3.5 kms in length. Public is allowed only upto a length of 2 kms into the caves. The caves reach their deepest point (150 feet from entrance level) at the point known as ‘Pataalaganga’. There are 16 different pathways, including the main entrance and there are deposits of Quartz in the caves. The caves are formed in Black Limestone.

Belum Caves were first discovered in the year 1884 by a British Surveyor by name Robert Bruce Foote, although there are legends attached to the caves that date back to some thousands of years. However, they have been identified and explored fully by a team of German speleologists in the years 1982-84. Belum Caves gained much popularity in the past 3 decades and has been officially declared as a protected tourist attraction in the year 2002 by the APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Travel & Development Corporation).